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Phoebe – Garner, NC 6 Month Baby Photography

Hello there!

Well, crazy enough, another hurricane has come through since my last post! I hope you and your loved ones are well and that any damage is easily reparable. I feel very grateful that neither Hurricane Florence nor Hurricane Michael had any lasting effects for us.

In fact, just a couple days after Hurricane Michael came through, I was still able to have Phoebe’s 6 month session with Heaven & Russell! These beautiful friends of mine are participating in the New Life Collection, so they have maternity, newborn, 6 month, and 1 year sessions for sweet Phoebe. They get prints to keep and to share with each session, as well as digital files for sharing online. It’s hard to believe that Phoebe’s 1 year session is only 6 months away now, and they will receive a 10×10” photo book after that session with photos from all across the baby’s first year of life. It has been SO special journeying with them during this time, and I am excited to continue to document sweet Phoebe’s growth in physical traits & personality!

If you missed them, be sure to check out Heaven & Russell’s maternity session and Phoebe’s newborn session!

Phoebe – Garner, NC 6 Month Baby Photography



Phoebe has the most beautiful blue eyes!



It was at about this point – as I sat with my camera & watched them interact – that I remembered just how important this is. Phoebe won’t be so little for so long, and seeing them become a family of 3 and then simply spending time together has been so special. Capture these moments, people!




I call this one, “No hair, don’t care.” 🙂



Her smile!! Phoebe is so, so loved. I pray that she knows it.



Look at those two little teeth! As of the writing of this blog post, she also has two up top that have barely poked out!

(Above, working on those teefers 🙂 )







Phoebe is also so close to crawling! She just wanted to go explorin’ 🙂




Gah, SO CUTE!! And here’s a peek at all the photo prints Heaven & Russell received, which arrived less than a week after their session!

Thanks for following along, friends! If you’d like to see another cute baby, be sure to check out Journey’s 3 month baby session in Portland!

I also have a few spots left for the mini-session day I have in November! Want some beautiful photo art in a small amount of time? See the details here!

Happy Thursday, and I hope the rest of your week & your weekend go swimmingly! Happy fall!

In light & love,

in light & love,