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Joyful & Silly Photos! – Part 1 – Raleigh Photographer

Hi there!

As I was putting together my #ThrowbackThursday blog series earlier this year, I had so much fun going through all the photos I’ve taken over the years! I’ve been doing professional photography since 2012/2013 and I can honestly say that all of the sessions and weddings I’ve been a part of have brought me SO much joy!

This is a job that allows me to connect with lots of different people, from all walks of life, who may otherwise have nothing in common except that I am their photographer – and I LOVE it. There is, however, one other thing I’ve noticed about the people who step in front of my camera…


We have SO MUCH FUN during sessions and weddings together! Sure, in some cases my clients are just really sweet, treasuring the moments, and doing nothing but looking cute… but way more often than not, they take an opportunity to be silly somewhere in there too!

As I was going through photos again to pick out the silliest ones, I realized that there are way too many for just one blog post! I didn’t even sort through wedding reception photos, because let’s be honest, everyone gets a little silly on the dance floor 😉

Loads of silly photos means that there are at least two more blog posts coming in the next couple months with exclusively joyful & silly content 🙂

Can’t wait to share all of them, but for now, enjoy the silliest of 2012-2013!

Silly Photos 2012

Lots of fun and silliness during senior & small group sessions at JMU!

The next photo on the right… They braided their hair together, haha!

And apparently there was a worm on the ground right next to these ladies when we were taking these photos (below)… Jordan took care of it 😉

Okay so some of the silly photos involve people picking someone up… ;D I didn’t even plan to have these three next to each other!

Moving on from JMU, you may recognize Jessica & Ben from their more recent sessions! These sillies are from their engagement session 🙂 We found a random weight on the ground during the session…

Silly Photos 2013

Mary & Peter’s Wedding – This wedding party was huge and SO much fun!

Ahh, I love all these memories!! Looking through photos I’ve captured for people over the last 6 years has reminded me blessed I am (hashtag, blessed.). I am so thankful to have captured these memories for all these lovely, silly people and more.

If you aren’t afraid of some natural laughter and silliness, let’s schedule a session together! Even if it’s not your thing, I’m sure we’ll still have a great time. 🙂

Be sure to see Phoebe’s 6 month session from last week if you missed it – there are a couple silly ones in there too!

I hope you chuckled along with me through these photos, and I’ll catch you back here soon!

In light & love,

in light & love,