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Heirloom Artwork

The magic comes alive when we hold a reflection of our real life family moments in our hands

Artwork & keepsakes to bring your joyful moments back to life

You have thousands of pictures of your kids on your phone. I know you do, and I do too! We want to freeze each moment of time with our kids as they grow, but let's be real - the stories we’re capturing often just live in digital spaces where they can't be truly enjoyed. 

When you have a tangible record of family moments, though, they serve as sparks of joy and points of connection with your family members.

Wall art brings a smile to your face as you pack your bag for an outing...

Albums prompt you to snuggle on the couch with your loved ones and talk about your memories with fondness...

Prints on the fridge warm your heart as you refill water bottles or reach to grab a bottle of milk...

I include some form of printed artwork with every session so that you have a built-in way to enjoy your photos in your home without having to find the time to do it yourself. The archival quality of each piece ensures that your family will be enjoying these keepsakes for generations to come.

You can finally take "order prints" off your to-do list - I've got you.

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Your moments deserve the best.



Professionally crafted with archival materials & processes


Kid-Friendly Finish

Special coating protects against minor scratches & fingerprints


Color Matching

Color-match guarantee between digital and print versions

I have hand selected the best vendors and highest quality artwork available so you know the pieces you trust to hold your sacred memories will stand the test of time.

current heirloom artwork offerings include:

Handcrafted wall art as gallery images, framed art, and float frames

Heirloom photo albums featuring a beautiful cloth cover and layflat pages that won’t fold or tear

Story boxes of mounted prints

Mounted desk prints with easels

Birth announcements & Christmas cards

Loose prints for your desk and family gifts

Keep an eye out for other artwork available with limited edition session opportunities!

”Kelly is compassionate, personable, and encouraging. She does a wonderful job of helping make preparation for the session, and the session itself, as stress-free as possible. As someone who does not like being in front of the camera, I appreciate how comfortable she makes me feel. Every year, we get a canvas to hang on the wall. This past year, we also got an heirloom album. Our girls have loved looking at it and reminiscing over how much fun they had! They can’t wait for the next session!”

- Alison & Aaron

Let's capture the magic of your family's everyday rhythms