The Light Creative Experience

My goal is always to get you the joyful photos you desire in a highly personal way. You’re never left wondering how to put outfits together for your family, what happens if your child is extra rambunctious during our session, or how in the world you’re ever going to find time to select and order printed photos for your home. I’m with you every step of the way and do the hard stuff for you, so that we can freeze this moment in time and create personal family heirlooms in an easy & fun way.

Complimentary Consultation

During our consultation, we’ll get to know each other a bit! I’ll ask you to share about your family and what you’re hoping to capture in our session together, and you’ll get to see samples of all the artwork options available, along with full investment information. If all sounds good, we’ll officially book the session by mutually signing a contract and paying a 50% session retainer.

Step One


Session Planning

We begin planning your session once we’ve decided to work together at your consultation! We’ll start talking about location options for your session, wardrobe ideas, and what kind of prints or artwork you may be interested in.

I’ll also email you digital guides with wardrobe planning advice and tips for preparing for your session in other ways, and I remain available for specific wardrobe suggestions and other personal feedback.

Note: Since The New Life Collection is comprised of 4 separate photo sessions, we have one consultation before booking, then each session has its own session planning, photo reveal & ordering session, and (if applicable) personal artwork delivery! 

Step two


Photography Session

The energy of our session depends on what we’re capturing!

Newborn sessions are peaceful and quiet - maybe slightly rowdier if there’s an older sibling involved, but always sweet. These sessions typically take place at your home around 2 weeks after baby’s birth, and the natural setting and lifestyle photos with all family members involved capture beautiful moments representing the first days & weeks together with your new, littlest family member.

Family sessions are focused on fun! These may take place at a local park or at your home, and I feed off the energy of your kiddos. So many parents are worried about getting even a single “good” photo while their kids are running around & things feel a bit chaotic, but my years of experience working with kids of all ages have equipped me to make magic happen every single time. You get to take a break from disciplining your kids while I take the reins and guide them through activities that result in great photos showcasing their incredible personalities and, of course, their sweet smiles. We get some great smiling-at-the-camera photos, but oftentimes my clients’ favorite images are the ones that capture life more authentically & contain laughter, movement, and interaction between family members.

If you've expressed interested in ordering heirloom artwork, I consider those artwork pieces throughout the session and take steps to make sure that vision comes to life with the photos we’re capturing!

Step Three


Photo Reveal & Ordering Session

We’ll meet again for a laid-back yet exciting meeting, when you get to see the photos we captured for the first time!

I'll show you a slideshow of your photo proofs, then I’ll use an online gallery to guide you through selecting your favorites. We'll talk more specifically about any artwork you'd like to feature your photos in, selecting the sizes and finishes that will fit your home & your family perfectly.

Then, we'll place your artwork order and the only thing left for you is to excitedly wait for delivery day!

Step Four


Artwork Delivery

You'll get your artwork delivered straight to your door, and cue the smiles as you get giddy about having photos of your family that truly represent the love and joy you share, featured in heirloom-quality custom artwork for your home!

I'll be happy to answer questions and offer advice about hanging wall art, and we'll make sure everything looks perfect before saying, "See you later!"

Step Five


Each step of the process crafts a personal, stress-free experience resulting in photos and artwork you and your family will treasure for a lifetime. 

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“Kelly made the entire process easy, from the initial email inquiry, to scheduling, meeting, and ordering. The photos we had to choose from were hands down, the best ever! Kelly spent time getting to know us before our session, understood what we wanted to achieve, and executed flawlessly. She was not shy about shooting a lot of photos, and as a result, we have genuine smiles and photos where we all look relaxed and happy! I truly appreciated the time and energy she spent with us before, during, and after our session. Kelly made us all at ease, and it felt more like working with a friend than someone we had just met.”

- Dawn & Brian

Let’s capture your family so you can cherish these joy-filled moments forever.