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Southeast Raleigh Table – Last & First – Photography for Church Partnership

Hello, and happy October everyone!

This fall — ah, I’m just excited to be saying “fall” — holds mini-sessions, a 6 month session this weekend as part of the New Life Collection (yay!), and brainstorming some exciting logistics to make professional photography through Light Creative even more accessible to the masses. I’m thankful for all that’s happening and excited for what lies ahead!

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Today I want to share some photos I’ve taken for my church, Southeast Raleigh Table.

Southeast Raleigh Table – Photography for Church Partnership

Born out of the historic Edenton Street UMC in downtown Raleigh, we exist to love on those who live in east downtown and Southeast Raleigh area. Our church leadership has been searching for a permanent location for us for quite a while – and thankfully there have been big shifts forward in that! In the meantime, we met for about 2 years in ESUMC’s youth building, and at the end of August, we transitioned to meeting at the beautiful All Saint’s Chapel on South East St. (how appropriate, as “Southeast” Raleigh Table, right?!). I was really excited about that, because I’ve checked out All Saint’s Chapel as a wedding venue, and now I get to be there every Sunday!

Our pastor Lisa is really great at being intentional in the way we do things as a church – from broad plans to minor details – so I thought I’d take part in commemorating our time at the Bulla youth building by taking photos at our last Sunday there. Lisa spoke about the place being an Ebenezer for us… that each time we drive by, may we think beyond “hey, I used to worship there,” to “wow, God did a lot of great things while we were there.” I love how we mark space in significant ways. The following Sunday, I also commemorated our first service at All Saint’s Chapel by taking more photos!

Southeast Raleigh Table
at ESUMC’s Bulla Youth Building

Southeast Raleigh Table
at All Saint’s Chapel

Our last Sunday at Bulla happened to be when my friend Adwoa joined the church, and I loved having my camera on hand for that. <3 Our first Sunday at All Saint’s Chapel happened to be when we blessed the children with the start of the school year, and I loved capturing that, too!

SERT friends, if you’d like any of these photos for your personal use, let me know and I’ll share my gallery with you!

Thanks for taking a look, friends, and I’ll check back in with you in a couple weeks! 🙂 Do something that makes your heart happy this weekend, and Happy October!

In light & love,

in light & love,