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Photo Art: Story Boxes

Hello from Portland, Oregon!

Actually, depending on when you see this, we could be in Portland, in Seattle, or on an Amtrak train somewhere in between! We’re returning to Raleigh from our vacation early Wednesday morning, but I wanted to continue my blog post series while I’m away!

Earlier this summer, I posted about why providing photo art is so important to me, rather than relying on digital images to treasure our moments. Now we’re just over halfway through this blog series about the photography products we offer! Today’s post is all about — 

Story Boxes

(ooo, ahhhh)

Image boxes are awesome because they allow you to view many photos captured during your session or wedding in a way that is fancier than standard prints but simpler than a photo book or album! This image box contains beautiful photos from Chanté’s high school senior session. 



Image boxes come with your choice of fabric cover, a flexible closure, and lots of mounted prints for you to enjoy. I chose grey fabric because I think grey matches just about everything!

Mounted, you say? Each print is mounted on white styrene, which makes the photo sturdy, thick, and able to stand up up straight when the bottom is propped up. They are not floppy and bendable like your standard photo prints.

When you choose to invest in an story box, you may order it with 10 or 25 mounted prints. All prints are 5×7″ and fit nicely in the box, with a little room around the sides to easily remove the photos.

Every story box comes with a complimentary 5″ easel for an end table, bookshelf, or bedside table! One of my favorite things about story boxes is that you can switch out which photo you display on the easel – monthly, weekly, even daily, or just whenever you feel like it! The rest will be waiting patiently for you in the box, or you can display more than one at a time by ordering additional easels or displaying them in your own 5×7″ frames!

Story boxes are an easy way to display photos in your home with the ability to have different photos on display at different times. Don’t forget to put your photos up of your kids with their grandparents when your in-laws come to visit! 😉 You don’t have to worry about getting your own frames if you don’t want to, or even remembering to print your photos somewhere, because it’s all taken care of for you in this simple, stylish image box!



Have any questions about this special artwork offering? Send them my way! We’ll be exploring photo books and albums next as we start wrapping up the photo art blog series!

I hope y’all are off to an awesome start to the week. Every Monday represents a fresh start – as does every morning! – so take a deep breath and tackle whatever pops up in your path with the strength & gusto I know you have.

In light & love,

in light & love,