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Photo Art: Framed Art

**Please note: My artwork offerings have been revamped! I’m excited to share the updated versions & details with you during your consultation and ordering session.

Thank you for sticking with us and giving yourselves, your children, and your grandchildren beautiful photos to remember these moments!

Hello there!

For the first time ever, I think, I’m going on two vacations two weeks in a row! I was with my family at a house in the Outer Banks last week, Tuesday evening – Friday early afternoon, and this week my husband & I are headed out west – also for the first time EVER! The farthest west Andrew & I have ever traveled is Houston, TX, but this time we’re going to see friends and pretty sights in Denver, Portland, and Seattle! We’re flying on Frontier Airlines because of the lower fares, but we’re also choosing to not pay extra for bags – so hellooo one small backpack each for 7 days! I’m considering it a challenge. Also, you better believe I’m still determined to take my professional camera. 

I’m crazy thankful for the financial ability to spend time away – my family hosted me for the beach house and Andrew & I have been saving for a vacation for quite a while. I also continued teaching online with VIPKID each morning of the beach vacation to continue having a bit of income. The tricky part with the trips being so close to each other, though, is that I still want to be present to YOU all, my photography community! Monday and Thursday blog posts are still happening while I’m away! Don’t worry, they’re prepared and scheduled ahead of time, so I’m not doing work on vacation 😉 I know how to rest. While I won’t be on social media much during my trip out west, I probably WILL want to share some vacation photos right away – who knows, some really pretty photos from the trip may need to land on a blog post of their own! 

Anywhooo – Cheers to summer, vacations, and sunshine. 

Today’s photo art feature is all about – 

Framed Art

Last week I shared about the oh-so-lovely gallery images. Framed photos are a more traditional form of wall art that I offer – classic, chic, beautiful for a gallery wall or as standalone pieces. 

Framed art is easy to customize to your home’s style, and you can also choose to include or not to include a mat around the photos. Smaller framed art options (5×7″ and 8×10″) also allow you the flexibility of choosing an easel back if you’d rather display your photos on a side table or bookshelf instead of hanging them on the wall. Whether you choose to use an easel or to hang your piece, since this art is professionally framed, the backing does not allow you to switch out photos later on. I encourage you to choose photos to frame that capture moments you want to treasure for a very long time! Typically, it’s difficult to choose just one, but the best part is there is not a “wrong” choice!



Framed art is available in 5×7″, 8×10″, 11×14″, 16×20″, and 20×24″ options with your choice of frame and mat. Having trouble visualizing those sizes? I have samples that I can hold up to a wall in your home – this makes it so much easier to picture your own art hanging there! You’d be surprised how small an 11×14″ or even 16×20″ photo can look in the space above your couch, but I work with you to find the best size for your needs. Frame and mat options sometime change with time, so please ask to see samples of the current offerings when we talk about your photo art options! Pictured here with Heaven & Russell’s photo is a reclaimed wood frame – handcrafted using salvaged wood from my printing lab’s local area! 



All framed art is covered by glare-resistant acrylic that protects images from UV rays and diffuses light to reduce glare. This way, you’re able to easily view and enjoy your photos for years and years to come. 

If you’d like to order a custom size like Maggie did, we can do that too! Remember how I said sometimes it’s hard to choose just one photo to feature? Some sizes offer the flexibility of multiple photos in one frame to show off more of your favorites all in one place! Maggie surprised her mom with this frame for Mother’s Day – what a great, sweet idea!!



Let’s create a beautiful piece of wall art together! If you have any questions or would like to see my current frame & mat offerings, contact me here and let’s get together!

How are you spending your days this summer? Sunshine, swimming in pools or oceans, visiting friends, stuck in the 9-5 grind? I want to hear about all of it. Comment here or connect with me on social media – links at the bottom of this page!

‘Til Thursday, my friends!

In light & love,

in light & love,