Pay-What-You-Can Wedding Photography

Photography for all – all people at all times in life

Everyone deserves quality professional photography to capture these moments of life – especially to capture something as noteworthy as a wedding day! With Light Creative, you choose the price point that feels right for you.

Each wedding collection offered includes your wedding and an album or photobook – or a certain number of photo art credits that you can use to order something different, if you prefer. I include photo art with all of my weddings and sessions, because I believe that photos and memories come alive when you can hold them in your hands. Read more about that here. The photo art we offer is ordered through a professional printing lab, beautifully made to last a lifetime.   

Wedding Photo Art Menu

If you’re seeing this page, odds are we’ve already talked about the wedding collections available. (If not, please see basic information on the Invest page and contact me here so we can chat!)

Here’s a reminder of the credit value of all the photo art options you have. Before or after your engagement session and wedding, customize your collection by choosing the photo art you want based on the collection you chose. You can choose to use all your photo art credits for 1 piece of photo art or up to 6 different pieces to treasure your wedding day well.

For example: The Capture the Joy Collection includes 6 photo art credits. You can choose to order the 8×8″ photo album (6 credits), or you could use all 6 credits to order an image box, a framed print, or a 12×12” photo book. Alternatively, you could order two pieces of photo art equaling 6 credits (5 credits + 1 credit, 4 + 2, 3 + 3), OR you can choose three pieces of photo art equaling 6 credits (4 credits + 1 credit + 1 credit, 3 + 2 + 1, 2 + 2 + 2…), OR you can choose any other combination of up to 6 pieces of photo art to arrive at your 6 credit amount. You might choose a set of 50 save the dates (2 credits), a 16×24” gallery image (3 credits), and set of 5 prints (1 credit).

For another example: The Share the Story Collection includes 8 photo art credits. You can choose: one piece of photo art valued at 8 credits (the 12×12” keepsake album), OR you can choose two pieces of photo art equaling 8 credits (4 credits + 4 credits, 5 + 3, 6 + 2, 7 + 1), OR you can choose any other combination of up to 6 pieces of photo art to arrive at your 8 credit amount. You have so many options! You might choose an 8×8” photo book (4 credits), a set of 80 wallet-sized prints (2 credits), a 5×7” framed print (1 credit), and a set of 25 folded thank you notes (1 credit).


If you’re still craving more photo art after seeing your beautiful photos (I don’t blame you 😉 ), you can add onto your collection at any time by following this guide:


Photo Art Options

Here’s the fun part – reference these blog posts to see what you’re getting! Click to see photos and read more about each different piece of photo art you can choose for your collection. Remember, you may choose up to six pieces of photo art to use your credits.

What about digital files?

Along with the wedding and photo art, you also receive digital files in two forms! One is a shareable online gallery of all photos shown after your wedding, which you can share as a link on social media. Friends and family are able to view all the photos from the wedding, and your loved ones can even order prints directly from the gallery if they’d like.

You also receive a separate, downloadable gallery of high-resolution files for all of the photos delivered. This is different from the number of files I deliver with sessions, because I can’t imagine only having a handful of photos from my wedding day. Rest assured that you will always have these memories to look back on, even if you only invest in a few pieces of photo art for your home and to share.

High-resolution files are also unique to my wedding collections, in comparison with the web-sized files I deliver for sessions. I understand that many people enjoy having high-res files from their wedding day, in case they’d like to print more photos years in the future without having to rely on me to provide those.

I do still recommend that all photo art is ordered through me, taking advantage of the included photo art credits and anything you’d like to add. Beyond supporting my little business, this also ensures the professional quality of the prints and products you receive! Consumer-accessible locations like Shutterfly, Walmart, CVS, etc. often skew the color of the images and use cheaper paper that won’t last as long as the professional prints that I offer. I don’t want you to have faded images over time or for anyone to look orange or blue! I want to help you commemorate your wedding day with the most quality products available, without the hassle of having to remember to go get things printed or ordered at some undetermined time in the future. My own digital wedding images (from six years ago) are still sitting on a flash drive in a box under my bed, except for TWO photos that we have printed and framed – and it makes my heart sad every time I think about it! Many more of those photos deserve to come to life! Let me take care of it all for you, so you have beautiful photo art in your hands within just a couple months after your wedding. Feel free to read more about this here.

I hope these reminders were helpful! Let me know if you have any questions as you decide on a collection, officially put your wedding day on my calendar, and choose what photo art you’d like!