Pay-What-You-Can Photography

Photography for all – all people at all times in life

deserves quality professional photography to capture these moments of life – whether we’re capturing everyday moments or celebrating something special! With Light Creative, you choose the price point that feels right for you.

Each collection offered includes your session and photo art credits. I include photo art with all of my sessions, because I believe that photos and memories come alive when you can hold them in your hands. Read (or listen) more about that here. The photo art we offer is ordered through a professional printing lab, beautifully created to be treasured for generations to come. 

Looking for wedding photography? See basic info on the Invest page, and contact me to chat about detailed wedding collection options!

Pay-what-you-can Photography Session Collections

How much time would you like to spend capturing your memories?
Choose the collection with your desired session length, and note your pay-what-you-can options below!

*OR – “pricing starts at… and includes…” click here to inquire / schedule a phone call

**Alter the above so that it’s photos (left) with text (right) – still include bullet points – include details of web files and photo art credits

The prices listed are suggested amounts, so decide which of the following options would be best for you right now:

If the suggested amount feels like a good fit, simply pay that suggested amount.

If you are able to pay more than the suggested amount listed, please consider paying it forward by adding a tip when you pay your invoice! Tips help the business succeed in our mission by providing photography services & photo art for those who would typically not be able to afford professional photography. Would you be delighted to allow more families and individuals to see their joy captured in beautiful photos around their home?

For example: You choose the Love Collection at $300 because that fits in your budget and you’d like a session that is up to one hour long. You choose to pay $350 because you believe in our mission and would like to contribute $50 to someone else’s session and photo art. (Thanks!)

If you feel you need to pay less than than the suggested price of the Light Collection, please contact me so we can work something out! I understand that professional photography is not an expense everyone can afford, and not everyone is able to save up for a session, either. I strive to make my photography services accessible to everyone, and we may be able to reduce the cost of your session thanks to others’ generosity! Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Photo Art

How would you like to look back on these memories?

Each collection option comes with two photo art credits ($200 value!) so you always walk away with tangible pieces of art to enjoy around your home and share with others.

Preview your photo art options before your session, and after your session we’ll create custom artwork with your favorite photos to help you relive these moments for years to come.

*Deep breath* – I know that was a lot! This is a different level of customization than you may be used to, and I do so intentionally to make photography accessible to all regardless of means and to put beautiful, professional photo art in your hands. Allow me to help you cherish your memories well! Please let me know what questions you have, or send me your information so we can get you booked for a session! Thanks for sticking with me!