The New Life Collection

Savor baby’s first year from belly to birthday

A series of maternity, newborn, 6-month, & 1-year photography sessions + heirloom artwork

From the moment you find out you’ll be welcoming a little one to your family, you are filled with curiosity and wonder about the life they have ahead of them.

What will our baby be like?
Will she have my eyes?
Will he have your calm nature?
Are we going to get any sleep?

There are so many unknowns. But one thing we know for sure? Babies don't stay little.

I know, I know - how dare I say that before you've even met your new little love? But it's true.

The photos on our phones only go so far to showcase your baby’s beautiful growth and capture the love your growing family shares, so let’s document it all -

From your baby belly
to your tiny newborn
to your growing infant
to your 1-year-old

You’ll be amazed that the young toddler you try to keep up with now is the same little baby that was in your belly just a year ago.

And years later, you’ll still be flipping through the pages of your heirloom album reminiscing about each moment of their tiny little lives from the very beginning, and you’ll be so glad you captured it all.



“We now have tons of beautiful artwork in our home; that is one of the things that I love about the New Life Collection! The newest addition to our collection is a beautiful album that contains pictures from each session of the New Life Collection with our second son. It came beautifully boxed and tied with a ribbon, and the album itself has a fabric cover, and the pages are super thick and sturdy. It is definitely made to stand the test of time. It’s probably our favorite piece of artwork from Kelly that we’ve gotten so far, and I can’t wait to pass it down to my children one day. Thank you Kelly for all of the wonderful memories!”

- Jessica & Ben

The Details

Capture key moments across baby's whole first year of life

Maternity, newborn, 6-month, & 1-year sessions 

An heirloom-quality keepsake album showcasing baby’s growth throughout the year

Digital files for your 20 favorite images from each session + print release

Session preparation guides & wardrobe guides

Shareable online galleries, slideshows, & mobile app

Home delivery of finished artwork after each session

Personal touch-points (consultation, wardrobe planning, photo reveal & ordering sessions)

And all the behind-the-scenes work like professional photo editing and artwork design, preparation, & ordering!

The New Life Collection includes:

Payment plans are available.

Additional heirloom-quality artwork for your home is available to order after each session and starts at $200. Full pricing details and artwork options will be shared during your complimentary consultation. 


investment: $2800

The Album

A beautiful 10x10" heirloom-quality album

featuring 20 pages of images on sturdy layflat pages, artfully curated from your 4 sessions to showcase baby's growth throughout the year


My mama-to-mama


to you

I am so honored to be capturing this precious time with your new baby! Everything in this first year feels new, so I will do what I can to provide any possible clarity and ease. I’m here to answer any questions you have, give tips to prepare for each session, provide guidance as we capture your genuine moments, and give suggestions for the perfect photo gifts to give your loved ones. Even beyond that, though, please talk to me about your nursing struggles, how your baby has been sleeping, and the new silly thing that makes them smile and laugh. I am here for you as a photographer, but also as a mama friend who has been in your shoes.


the Light Creative experience






portrait session


photo reveal
& ordering



I’ll assist you along each step of the process so you and your family are confident in your wardrobe choices, feel calm & have fun during our session, and receive heirloom artwork that fits your specific needs in a seamless way.

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frequently asked questions


Can we get more photos from each session than what’s included?

Of course! You are able to order additional photos as digital files and as tangible artwork like prints & wall art. With the New Life Collection, all photos ordered from each session are eligible to be included in the keepsake album received at the end of the experience. After the 1-year session, we review all photos ordered throughout the year and make final selections for the New Life album.

Are we able to add more sessions to the Collection?

Yes! I love capturing sweet moments with your growing baby between the preset sessions, and add-on sessions are available at special collection pricing. Many clients opt to add a 3-month session since babies grow so much between those first newborn days and turning 6 months old. A 9-month session is also popular, as well as a mommy-and-me session at any point in the year. All sessions added during our New Life Collection experience have the same benefits of the other sessions, such as receiving digital files and including photos in the keepsake album. 

Do we have to order additional artwork after each session?

No, but many choose to! We’ll have a photo reveal & ordering appointment 1-2 weeks after each session, when you’ll choose your favorite photos for the album and decide if you’d like any tangible artwork from that specific session. Many families choose to order professional prints for themselves and their family members so they can enjoy the photos in their home throughout the year, and some choose to order wall art to showcase absolute favorite photos, especially from the newborn session. Many families also order gift albums or story boxes for grandparents after the 1-year session, so that extended family members can enjoy many photos from baby’s first year of life in one piece of artwork as well. Since I can take care of ordering professionally printed artwork for you, you don't need to find the time to do it yourself & you're assured to get the best quality artwork!

That being said, there is no specific obligation to order more artwork or photos beyond this initial investment. Since you receive high-resolution printable files + a print release, you're also welcome to print your photos elsewhere if preferred.

We don’t need a maternity session, but we’re interested in the rest of the Collection.

Wonderful! I'm happy to begin capturing the life of your family with the newborn session. Typically families in this situation will switch the maternity session for a 3-month session, which is a great way to still have the full 4-session experience and capture more of your baby’s growth. Let’s chat about it!

Is Light Creative LGBTQ+ friendly? 

Absolutely! I welcome people of all different backgrounds - sexual orientation and gender identity included. Please know that I value you, honor you, and celebrate you exactly as you are.

Let’s capture your family so you can cherish these joy-filled moments forever.