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Charlotte, Aaron, & 1-year-old Dominic – Shelley Lake Winter Photo Session

Hey friends!

As I get caught up on sharing recent sessions, I’m excited to introduce you to Charlotte, Aaron, & their beautiful baby Dominic! Dom turned 1 year old in January (fun fact – he and my son are exactly 5 months apart!), and I was so honored to help celebrate him with a fun photo session. I think this session also goes to show that you can indeed have outdoor photo sessions in the winter in North Carolina – and with beautiful evening light at that! (Morning light works too, if your kiddos’ naptimes conflict with evening times like mine!)

We met at gorgeous & serene Shelley Lake, toted along a couple toys, and munched on some sticks (okay, maybe that part was just Dom). I’m so glad they’ll always have these photos & premium prints to look back on when Dom is much older and bigger! (Scroll to the bottom of the post to peek at the prints!)

Enjoy the photos and beautiful smiles from Mom, Dad, and baby alike!

Charlotte, Aaron, & 1-year-old Dominic

Raleigh Lifestyle Baby & Family Photographer

Shelley Lake Winter Photo Session

Dom looks skeptical at best in this first photo, but he warmed up quickly!


See what I mean?! Look at his amazing smile! Can you imagine having these 3 mama-son photos framed & hung on your wall in a series? Or the 4 photos with Dad? Cue the heart eyes… gorgeous.

When we meet at a park for an outdoor session, it’s so nice to meet somewhere, walk a bit, take some photos, walk a bit, and explore! The transition times don’t go to waste – I’m sure to take some photos of y’all walking together as a family – and those are so cute in their own right. I love capturing those real moments, diaper bags, pacifiers, & all.

(Did you see the stick munching I was talking about?)

How cute is this little family playing together in the grassy field?! Cue those heart eyes again. I always welcome families to bring a favorite toy or two for sessions with babies. It helps bring some joy if they have an unhappy moment, and I love capturing them with something tangible they enjoy at that age.

Pro tip – get you a family photographer who also has experience posing couples… How precious are these photos of Charlotte & Aaron? When’s the last time you & your significant other got photos together like this – just the two of you??

Ah, they’re so fun! I’m sharing this next one because I like to keep it real… most parents of babies & toddlers get at least one of these in their gallery of photos to choose from. Just a reminder that it’s normal for the kiddos to get upset at least a couple times during a session, and we get all these other lovely, joyful photos to choose from anyway!


Look at his little feet! Tiny kid shoes are the best.


And just a couple more photos on our way back to the parking lot! How can I resist taking just a couple more when Dom and Aaron look this cute?


I’m so excited that Charlotte & Aaron will enjoy these moments over & over each time they see their prints, and their family members will enjoy some as gifts, too!


Thank you so much for trusting me with these sweet, sweet memories, friends! And thank you, reader friend, for enjoying them along with us here on the blog!

Want to see another sweet baby? Check out recent posts with newborn baby Zoey and 1-year-old Connor! I’ll be seeing both of them again in the next couple months for their next sessions in The New Life Collection, and I can hardly wait to see how much they’ve grown!

Ready to enjoy beautiful photos of your own family in your home & treasure them for years to come?

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