Photography Safety Precautions in light of COVID-19

Hey there! As we prepare to capture some memories together, I want to do so safely to dampen any continued spread of the coronavirus. Here are some of the safety precautions I am personally taking for your session:

Before your photo session


  • hand washing before I leave

  • sanitizer leaving car

Safety precautions during your photo session

Cloth Face Mask

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Physical distancing

  • using lenses that allow me to be farther away

  • giving verbal directions for adjusting hair

  • showing poses / body adjustments where I am instead of coming to you

After your photo session

  • Hand sanitizer entering car

  • Wipe down camera equipment

  • Leave mask on until I get home so I don’t touch it


  • Online galleries delivered digitally as usual

  • Ordering sessions happening via Zoom for now

  • All mail & packages are sitting for 2 days before opening or being opened outside, washing hands after

  • Contactless photo art delivery

Safety recommendations for photography clients