We laughed, we cried tears of joy, we walked through the tall grass at golden hour… Let’s do it again!!

I have LOVED capturing your special moments, and I’d be overjoyed to spend some more time with you in 2020.

As an added “thank you” for the time you spent with me last year, enjoy this discount to enjoy some extra photos from your next session!



Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Tell a friend about your experience with me last year & encourage them to book a session or their wedding with me this year! Talk about the photo art you chose to enjoy your photos, and tell them about this deal.

  2. Contact me to schedule photos before the end of the year, and have your friend do the same! Be sure to mention the offer when you book and when you order your photo art. I’ll ask you for your friend’s name who is booking with me, and I’ll ask your friend for your name & the code hand-written on your coupon when booking.

Here’s the fine print / answers to your FAQ:

  • Valid with 2020 sessions or weddings only: Session/wedding must take place on or before December 31, 2020 – for both you & your friend.

  • The discount comes off the price of additional photo art credits, after paying the collection cost (which also includes 2 photo art credits). This does not reduce the initial session or wedding cost.

    • For example, you could invest in the Love Collection and opt to add a photo art credit in order to enjoy more of your photos around your home. Since you have this offer, you’ll receive a $50 discount off that extra photo art credit, and the credit will be $50 instead of $100! You will have 3 photo art credits to “spend” on photo art of your choosing.

  • Booking a session/wedding with this offer in mind does not obligate you to use the offer. If we have your session/wedding and you decide that 2 photo art credits is enough for you to enjoy your photos, you do not need to purchase any additional credits & no offer will be redeemed.

  • This cannot be combined with other offers and must be used with the current pricing structure detailed here.

    • If you expressed interest in a 2020 session or wedding early and locked in last year’s pricing, stick with that & read the next point!

  • This offer IS transferable. If you cannot take advantage of the offer, pass it off to a friend! Make sure they give me your name & the code I wrote on your card, and they will redeem the offer when they refer a friend and they both book 2020 sessions or weddings with me. 

  • Your session/wedding and your friend’s session/wedding must be booked with a retainer paid before the offer can be redeemed by either of you.

    • If the offer is redeemed by one person & the other session/wedding is cancelled, the first person’s discount must be paid back immediately.

  • You won’t see me post about this special offer anywhere else, so don’t forget! Put a reminder in your phone to talk to your family & friends about it!

Have questions or ready to book? Let’s chat about having more of your memories captured!