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Photos through Baby’s First Year! – Our Baby Isaac – Raleigh, NC Baby Photographer

Hello everyone!

In case you didn’t know, I have the cutest baby ever (yes, I’m a little biased), and he just turned 1 year old! Actually, does that make him a toddler?!

I’ve been celebrating him throughout the past month by posting photos of him on my social media (which I hadn’t done much of previously, for no particular reason) – but the thing is, not all of you are on social media! I want to make sure all of you have access to cute Isaac content, so I’m sharing some favorite photos I’ve taken of him here on the blog, as well. 🙂

Photos through Baby’s First Year!

Our Baby Isaac

Raleigh, NC Baby Photographer

First up – Isaac at 1 day old, 1 week old, & his cute, tiny feet!


Next – Isaac & puppies on his 1 month birthday (see many more of these photos on my blog here!) and looking cute in his cloth diaper, which was giant on him at the time! Even snapped together to be smaller!


One day I put Isaac in the laundry basket so I could carry both him & the basket to the living room, and he loved the warm laundry so much he took a little nap (Who can blame him?!) He also had his tongue out SO MUCH in his first few months of life & has the best giggles.

I took photos of Isaac every week on that white blanket, knitted by Andrew’s Nanny. Here’s a few from when he was 3 months old!

Oh hey, it’s Christmas in July/August! Kind of… this is from actual Christmas, but you get to see me in my pjs Isaac was the sweetest little snuggle bug over the holidays, and I love when I get photos of his big, blue eyes


Some more favorites from Isaac’s first year! Check out those amazing onesies – courtesy of our two favorite Maggies, Maggie Kane & Maggie Liston! ⚡️


Isaac’s 6 month birthday fell on Valentine’s Day, so hellooo kissy photos! The photo of him & Andrew by the window is Isaac getting sight of a snow-covered yard for the first time ❄️


Alright friends, I maxed out on the number of allowed photos on a single Instagram post for this one Throwback to when MLB spring training was a thing before COVID hit big in the States, and I can’t resist Isaac’s leg rolls & Easter bunny ears!

Here are some highlights from month 8 with Isaac! The last one is one of my all-time favorite photos of myself with him from Mother’s Day


A super hot summer while staying home calls for a kiddie pool in the backyard! I know we aren’t the only ones who have enjoyed that this summer… Comment this post with a summery emoji if you’ve had some backyard water fun happening too!


Some of Isaac’s favorite things from month 10: playing with Jack (“Da!”), pulling up on furniture, playing with my camera lens cap, banging the dog bed on the floor, & reading the book Corduroy’s Shapes (which we got for free through Imagination Library!). What is your or your kiddo’s favorite book these days?


It happened – My baby turned 1 year old on August 14 😊 My first instinct is to use the 😭 emoji there, but I can’t be but so sad that he’s growing up and getting older. So many parents don’t get the privilege of seeing their baby grow into a little toddler for one reason or another, and I’m thankful for every single day (and month! and YEAR!) we have with Isaac.


Sometime in the last few months my dad asked me what I think about motherhood. “It’s… everything.” It’s impossible to sum up in a sentence! Every emotion you can think of, I’ve probably felt it in this past year. We’ve had lots of frustrating & tiring moments, and my heart could explode with the love I feel for Isaac. I haven’t had the most patience sometimes, but I’m thankful for grace & do-overs. Joy abounds with every smile, giggle, & kiss, and pride with each new skill I see him learn.
Early on in Isaac’s life, I wrote in his baby book, “I’m so thankful to be tasked with loving you.” After this first year, I’m confident that I will always feel that way (hopefully it holds true in his teenage years ). As we celebrate his first birthday, here’s to many more joyful years with this lovebug.


And now for a few photos that haven’t made it to social media yet – we had a small birthday party for Isaac & I think it’s safe to say he loved the cupcake! I may have added a little too much sugar… Either way, I’d call that cake smash a success.


Thanks for joining me here today, friends! Can’t get enough baby photos? See sweet, drooly Samuel from Lake & Jacob’s in-home & front porch session!

If you know someone expecting a baby or with a little one already, I’d love for you to send them this post or get in touch with me so they know I could help capture these sweet moments for their family, too! If you’re a mama or dad yourself, send me a message so I can help you document this time before your little one just. keeps. growing!

Catch you back here soon!

in light & love,