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Susanna & Bryan – Family Photos in Brookhaven Nature Park – Raleigh Family Photographer

Hello, dear friends!

Life in the time of COVID is tough to navigate sometimes, and there’s an added layer to it when you have active kids who need to move. Susanna, Bryan, and their sons David & Sam have been doing a lot of exploring by creeks & forests during the pandemic – what a great way to spend time together and get out of the house!

Susanna purchased her photo session as part of a silent auction for A Place at the Table. We’d already connected before (she even gave us the Pack n Play they weren’t using anymore, when I was pregnant Isaac!), and it was so special to be able to join them in their explorations and get to know her family better!

Enjoy viewing their family photos & learning more about them throughout the post!

Susanna & Bryan
Family Photos in Brookhaven Nature Park
Raleigh Family Photographer

If you’re local to Raleigh, have you been to Brookhaven Nature Park yet? There’s loads of greenery, some creeks & foot bridges, and even a lake to try and spot some turtles! It was the perfect location for us to wander and capture the boys’ curious minds. Check out Sam’s dance moves, too. 🙂

I loved capturing this fun family in their element as they caught a glimpse of turtles & other wildlife!

We also had some fun giggling together, telling jokes, getting some tickles from Dad, and dancing all around 🙂 Check out the orange & red mushroom Sam found in the next group of photos! And – don’t you read books about dinosaurs in the woods, too? If not, 100% would recommend.

I always try to get a photo of just the parents, too! (Aaaas long as the kiddos don’t run off in the meantime – I snap them quick!)

This low-hanging branch was the perfect photo op before we all hopped back in our cars, and we were sure to get a mask photo to mark the crazy time we’re in, too.

Susanna & Bryan used their photo art credits to order a set of prints and CHRISTMAS CARDS! That’s right – Susanna already has her cards, ready to send out when the holidays start rolling around! Isn’t that amazing?! (I’m pretty jealous.) You get a sneak peek of them here – and in the video linked below!

Susanna & Bryan, thank you so much for supporting A Place at the Table and my photography business with this photo session auction item. I had a blast with you & hope to go exploring with your family again soon!

And thank you for joining us today on the blog! If you’d like to see another fun family, don’t miss Abigail’s 5th birthday photos with loads of confetti thrown high in the air!

Need to get your kids outside more during the pandemic – but safely? Make plans for me to venture out with you (at a safe distance) so you always have memories of how your family made the most of these different days.

Talk to y’all soon!

in light & love,