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Jennifer & Niels – Baby Bryce – Chapel Hill, NC In-home Newborn Photography

Hello, hello!

If you’ve been around the last few weeks, you got a peek into Jennifer & Niels’s beautiful wedding day early November and maternity session mid-December! Those were both special days in their own right, but what’s cuter than a snuggly newborn?!

The first few weeks & months with a baby are definitely not always sunshine and rainbows – I recently learned first-hand that there’s a lot of crying and only wanting to be held and a never-ending rotation of feeding & napping — all for both mom and baby 🙂 All of that makes the importance of newborn sessions stand out to me so much greater.

It’s a tough time, but it’s a precious time. It doesn’t seem like it in the moment, but it goes by in a flash. Your baby is only going to be this little once, and before you know it, your tiny bundle of joy is going to be crawling & playing & never wanting to be held – and then going to kindergarten. And middle school. And high school. Yikes!

Preserve these moments! Take some time on a quiet morning to focus on the joy of your new family, cuddle up together, and capture photos you’re going to treasure forever.

Alright, stepping off my soap box now… Here are Jen & Niels’s photos with precious baby Bryce <3

Jennifer & Niels – Baby Bryce –
Chapel Hill, NC In-home Newborn Photography

Becoming a new parent has its challenges no matter who you are, but don’t Jen & Niels just look like naturals?

I always have to include at least one crying photo among all the sweet & peaceful ones! 🙂 This is the real life of a newborn session, but Bryce was actually pretty incredible all throughout the session & only cried for a little bit.

These next photos in their living room are some of my favorites! So many sweet moments & beautiful natural light.

The New Life Collection typically includes 10 prints with each session (maternity, newborn, 6 month, 1 year) and a photo book at the end of the year with photos from all sessions – but I’m getting creative and brainstorming different offerings of how clients can use their photos with each session, because not everyone needs or wants 40 prints from the year!

Jen & Niels decided to get a combination of prints and web-sized files with their photos, and they also earmarked a lot for their photo book! The large print is going to Jen’s mom, who has a wall of portraits of her grandsons as babies 🙂


We’re also chatting about creating a custom piece of wall art that would display a simple collage of photos from across the year, and I’m excited to see what we come up with so they can enjoy seeing these photos forever. <3

Thank you, Jen & Niels, for allowing me to continue capturing so many special moments for you!

And thank you for joining me on the blog today! If you’d like to see another sweet newborn, check out recent posts or throw it all the way back to Harbor’s newborn photos!

What’s going on for you in 2020 that you’d like to celebrate? I’d love to take photos for you that you & your family will be able to enjoy for generations to come. Check out the collections within my pay-what-you-can photography system, then get in touch so I can share in your excitement with you!

Thanks again, and talk to you soon!

in light & love,