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Jessica & Ben – Connor – In-home Newborn Photography – Norfolk, VA

Hi everyone!

I’m still in the “hustle and bustle” stage of the holidays, so I’m going to keep the text of this post quick and let the photos of this beautiful family speak for themselves! (You’re really just here for the photos anyway, right?!)

If you tuned in to my last post, you know that Jessica & Ben have been some of my most faithful clients from engagement and wedding photos, to maternity & newborn photos for their first son Hudson, to mommy & son photos, and now to the New Life Collection with their new little one Connor! I recently posted this round of maternity photos for them, and baby Connor made his arrival on October 14! I’m so thankful for these friends, and so happy to be able to capture so much of their lives for them and preserve these memories forever.

Enjoy all the sweetness from this new family of four!

Jessica & Ben – Connor
In-home Newborn Photography – Norfolk, VA

Jessica & Ben put together SUCH a cute llama nursery for Connor… what a cute theme idea! Our session was also mid-October, so Hudson & Connor were dressed up as skeletons at the beginning 🙂

Look at his tiny little fingers! It’s unreal how much he’s already grown since these photos a couple months ago… That’s why we take these photos while the babies are still so little! He’s going to be so much bigger in his 6 month photos!

Kudos to Jess for this cute photo setup… I can’t take any credit for this one, aside from the photos of it! Look at those beaming parents, too 🙂

Aaaand one more silly one to wrap us up after all the sweetness 🙂

Each session of the New Life Collection comes with 10 prints, so they’ve received the prints from their maternity & newborn photos! I’m also excited to put together the photo book for them, which will include photos from their maternity, newborn, 6 month, and 1 year sessions with baby Connor! Click the link to my photo book blog post, and you’ll actually see their last batch of maternity photos & Hudson’s newborn photos in my sample photo book 🙂

Thank you so much, Jessica & Ben, and thanks to you, dear reader, for joining us on the blog today! Have the best of days this holiday season, and let me know if you’d be interested in a warm, sweet in-home session this chilly winter season!

Happy holidays!

in light & love,