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Photo Art: Photo Albums

**Please note: My album offerings have been revamped! The album shown here is the Heirloom Coffee Table Album, and it’s a great option for people who want thicker pages than the Keepsake Album, and/or want to match other coffee table albums you own in size. While wedding photos are currently shown here, I’m excited to share albums with you during our consultation and ordering session featuring photos from newborn and family sessions. Weddings aren’t the only occasion to deserve a timeless heirloom photo album!

Thank you for sticking with us and giving yourselves, your children, and your grandchildren beautiful photos to remember these moments!

Hello, friends!

Wow, we’ve made it! I’ve been doing photo art features in this blog series since my “Why?” post in June, and this is the last piece of photo art to share for now! 

Photo Albums

You may have seen my photo book blog post last week, so please don’t be confused! These are both “books” of photos in the traditional sense of the word, but albums are more fancy and formal than photo books. Let me show you how!

These photos contain photos from Chelsey & Robert’s wedding <3 



Just like the photo book, you choose a photo from your session or wedding to be featured with a soft finish for most of the front cover. I know it’s difficult, but I can help you choose a favorite! Then, you have your choice of color for the fabric part of the cover that also wraps around the edges of the book. These are the same black, grey, sage, & teal fabric options that you have for your photo books and image boxes, so you can color-coordinate your pieces of photo art if you’d like! 



The biggest difference between the albums and photo books is the quality of the pages. While the photo book’s pages have pretty amazing quality already, albums step it up a notch with extra thick pages that don’t bend at all when you turn the page. Because the pages are thicker and even more sturdy, the album is solid and prominent as it sits on your coffee table or within your bookshelf! Printed on high-quality premium lustre paper, your photos have a slight sheen and their vibrant colors hold true beautifully.



It definitely took me a while to figure out a way to show the sturdiness of the pages WITHOUT making my hand look incredibly awkward, haha! 😉

One of my favorite features of the album is that the two pages of a spread meet in a way that is nearly seamless, so photos can span across the spread! This allows extra special photos to be featured in a big way and those specific memories to be treasured even more easily. I design your albums with some spreads of larger, spanned-across photos and some spreads of smaller, segmented photos, and you can always let me know what you would like adjusted. 



Albums come in sizes 6×6″, 8×8″, 10×10″, and 12×12″. The 12×12″ album is featured here! The biggest albums are perfect as keepsake pieces for your home, and the 6×6″ and 8×8″ options are wonderful to share with family members. If you order an album for yourself, you can even get a smaller duplicate album for parents and grandparents – Then, they have your photos to enjoy, and your design review time is minimized since it’s the same design as yours! 

I like to include a title page with text, then keep the rest of the album simple so that the focus is on the photos and the memories contained with them. Let me know your preference, and we can do without the title page or add text in more places of the album if desired!

The albums come with 10 spreads, which is equivalent to 20 sides front-and-back, beginning with a left page when viewed. While we can feature a lot of memories within that space, you are welcome to order additional spreads to include more photos! Albums are a wonderful way to both display your favorite memories and to have a lot of web-sized photos to share on social media, since you receive web-sized files for any photos included in a piece of photo art. Lots of photos in your expertly-designed album = lots of photos to share with friends near and far online. (For weddings, you already downloads of all photos!)

Albums are offered for sessions and weddings alike, but they are truly perfect to preserve the fleeting moments of a wedding day. They’re a great way to “spend” the photo art credits that are included with your wedding collection, and I can’t wait to put one together for you!



If you’d like to see more of this album in person or have questions about albums, the other photo art that I offer, or anything else, please contact me by email or by filling out the form here! Even if it’s just to say hi, you’re the reason I do this and I’d love to chat with you.

Have a wonderful week!

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