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Photo Art: Photo Books

**Please note: My photo book & album offerings have been revamped! I’m excited to share the updated versions with you during your consultation and ordering session.

Thank you for sticking with us and giving yourselves, your children, and your grandchildren beautiful photos to remember these moments!


Happy Monday! It’s surely a Monday, but I’m adjusting back to “real life” after a week and a half’s worth of recent vacations, and we’re getting back into the swing of things around here! I’ve prepped some green smoothies for this week’s breakfasts, milk is fermenting for homemade yogurt, freshly cut sunflowers are providing sunshine to various places in our living area, photos of an adorable 3 month old baby are about to be delivered, and… I’m ready to share another photo art piece with you!

Todays’ photo art feature is all about:

Photo Books

I consider photo books to be “photo album – lite” – They’re as sleek and classy as photo albums but less formal. Next week’s post will be all about albums, so you’ll really be able to compare and contrast then, but here are the photo book details for now! This photo book contains photos from Jessica & Ben‘s maternity session and newborn session with cutie-pie Hudson. 

Photo books come with a custom cover including the fabric color of your choice (the same fabric offerings as the image boxes, so you can coordinate!) and a photo from your session or wedding, both wrapped around the edges of the book for a clean finish. Choose an iconic photo that represents this time in your life well, and choose a fabric color that coordinates with your home! The fabric wraps around to cover the entire back of the book, and the image on the cover has a very smooth, soft-to-the-touch feel. I wish I could let you feel it as you read this post, but that will have to wait until we meet in person!

Photo books comes with 20 individual sides, and you have the option to add more sides on if you’d like to include more of your beautiful photos! A “side” represents one side of the page, so that equates to 10 pages front-and-back. Sides can include a collage of multiple photos to view, or it can highlight one photo to make it stand out more. 

These books come in sizes 5×5″, 8×8″, 10×10″, and 12×12″, with the 12×12″ size shown in these photos. While you are welcome to order small books for yourself, I recommend the smallest two sizes to be chosen as “connection pieces” to share; parents and grandparents love having these books to commemorate your special moments, and they’re a piece of cake to put together if you’re already ordering a larger photo book for yourself!



Speaking of which, how do we put them together in the first place? I have professional photo book creation software that I use to design and curate your photo books. I’ll have you select the photos you would like to include in your photo book(s), then I’ll design pages with the photos. Once I have the design completed, I will send you a copy of it, and you are able to respond with any changes desired. It should only take us a couple of exchanges to have a custom photo book design that you love! As you can see, I like to keep the pages nice and simple without any text, but adding text is an option if you would like to customize specific pages more.

Professional quality photo books are nicer than your standard retail book, because the pages are thicker (and smooth without any texture), the printed colors are precise to the colors in the digital files, and – my favorite – the pages lay flat! They’re NOT like magazine pages that are thin and curve down when you flip the page… There are magic, thinner plastic pieces that connect the pages into the binding, allowing them to lay beautifully flat as you view your special memories. 

Perfect for your coffee table or bookshelf, photo books are an easy way to preserve memories and be able to look back on them frequently. You’re able to order additional books for family members you want to honor, and remember that you can still share your photos far and wide online, too! For every photo you include in a product, you receive a complimentary web-sized file of that photo. You typically include lots of photos within photo books, so that means you get lots of photos to share online and makes it a great bang for your buck! 

Photo books are so perfect for the New Life Collection that I actually include them with your collection! The New Life Collection includes 4 sessions (maternity, newborn, 6 month, 1 year), 10 prints with each session, and a 10×10 photo book with photos from across the baby’s first year! What a beautiful keepsake – and easy to share with others by ordering more copies of it!



Have any questions about photo books, our other photo art offerings, or anything else? Ask away and start a conversation with me! 

See you Thursday for another Throwback Thursday post featuring a newborn session from last year! Until then, find some time to do something you love!

In light & love,

in light & love,