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The YEAR IN THE Life Collection

Chronicle each moment of your family's story

Heartfelt documentation of your real life through a series of candid, seasonal photo sessions

Your life matters. I’m not just talking about the polished, makeup on, in your best outfit, acting like you have it all together version of your life. Not just the highlight reel. Your REAL life matters.

Brushing your teeth with a baby at your foot (or maybe in your other arm)

Exploring the new playground & coffee shop down the street

Going on an evening walk before baths and bedtime

Planting flowers together in the spring

Backyard water play in the summer

Going on nature walks in the fall

Cozying up with hot cocoa in the winter

Look at these moments with fresh eyes... These everyday moments that can feel so ordinary are so magical. There is beauty in their simplicity, and they make up YOUR family's unique story.

What moments across a year do you cherish the most? Traditions, birthdays, simple everyday rhythms? What if you had a way to bottle them up and save them forever? 

Let me join you 4 times per year to capture the magic of your everyday life & create an album that tells your story.

It will be fun, it will be silly, it will be effortless, it will be REAL.


capturing your everyday magic

“We have worked with Kelly at Light Creative for the last three years. She has become our friend, and my only regret is that we didn't meet her sooner. We recently worked with her for a documentary style session, which was a fun change of pace from the typical posed / sit down family photos. The photos were fabulous as always, and she captured some really sweet moments I was unaware of, and tender shots that I would never have thought to try to capture myself. Her passion for preservation of people/moments/life shines through and is worth every penny! Supporting a small, local, female-owned business makes it all even better.”

- Dawn & Brian

The Details

Chronicle each moment of your family's story

4 documentary photo sessions across twelve months, 2 hours per session

60+ storytelling images from each session, as printable digital files

Heirloom-quality keepsake album showcasing your family throughout the year

Documentary session preparation guide

Shareable online galleries, slideshows, & mobile app

Option to add more sessions to your Collection throughout the year
Personal touch-points (consultation, session planning, photo reveal sessions, home delivery of artwork)

And all the behind-the-scenes work like professional photo editing and artwork design, preparation, & ordering!

The Year in the Life Collection includes:

Payment plans are available, and we can start at any time of the year.

Additional archival-quality artwork for your home is available to order after each session and starts at $200. Full pricing details and artwork options will be shared during your complimentary consultation. 


investment: $3000

The Album

An honest record of your family's life across a year

The 8x10" keepsake album features 40+ sturdy, layflat pages of images, artfully curated from your sessions to showcase the story of your year


My mama-to-mama


to you

These are the photos that you’ll look at and say, “Ha, yep! That’s my kid. This is us - this is our life… what we do every day.” You'll get the heart-full feeling that says, “She captured us,” knowing this is an honest representation of your life and your people. And then one day, you’ll get to show your adult children these photos as an actual demonstration of, “Hey - this is what your childhood looked like. This is what we did. This is how I cared for you.” Your everyday moments documented, all family members included… your actual life chronicled through a series of the easiest photo sessions ever. You deserve this gift. It would be an honor to capture the magic of your family.


the Light Creative experience






true-to-life session


photo reveal
& ordering



I’ll be with you each step of the way so you and your family know what to expect, feel comfortable & relaxed while I'm photographing, and receive printed artwork to help you document these beautiful, simple, real life moments.

Learn More

how to take better photos of your kids with your phone

Get 5+ tips for the best ways to document the daily moments you want to remember with your kids using your smartphone.

frequently asked questions


Can we include my own photos in the printed album, too?

Yes! Including some favorite photos from your own phone or camera is a great way to have a more complete story of your year, representing some of the little moments between the sessions we have together. We’ll have limited space in the album to include these extra photos, but we’ll make a plan together to make sure your most favorite photos are included and the flow of the album still works well to chronicle your year beautifully. 

So what exactly are we doing while you take photos?

This is honestly the best part! You’re being yourselves. You’re living your regular routines. Maybe you’re cooking pancakes on Saturday morning, then enjoying them & having some playtime with your toddler. Maybe you’re picking up your child from school, having snacktime, then heading to ballet class. Maybe you want to document life outside the home - let’s head to your favorite playground, coffee shop, or another spot your family loves and capture some real life moments there.

We’ll chat about all of this & more in your complimentary consultation, then plan a time based on what parts of real life you’d like to document together! 

What if my kids aren’t well behaved during the session? 

Psst - You probably know this, but perfectly happy & always well-behaving children aren't real life! 

This is one area that’s way different than your traditional portrait session - in a GREAT way. Big feelings happen in real life. I bet you know the best ways to understand your kiddos and console them. Maybe they need space; maybe they need a hug. Documentary photography allows us to capture ALL the feelings - joyful, sad, angry - and document the unique ways you care for your family through all of it. 

Rest assured, I’m extra aware during those moments of less-than-happy feelings and do a “vibe check” to gauge if I should take a few photos during those times for you or not. It may feel awkward when I do, but then you get to see your caring self in the photos you get as a result. 

Most importantly, your kids are going to have a blast in this session - just being themselves in an environment they already know & love, without any pressure to pose or wear outfits they’re not used to. Because of this, meltdowns tend to happen much less often in these true-to-life sessions than in a posed portrait or lifestyle session. But if they do, I’ll be there for you in that time, in whatever way you need me to be!

Is Light Creative LGBTQ+ friendly? 

Absolutely! I welcome people of all different backgrounds - sexual orientation and gender identity included. Please know that I value you, honor you, and celebrate you exactly as you are.

Let's capture the magic of your family's everyday rhythms