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They ordered a gallery image and prints with their order, so they see these photos every day in their entry way, in their living room, on a nightstand… And let me say, they always decorate their home with different kinds of beautiful artwork, but not typically large personal photos of family. After saying they probably wouldn’t get a gallery image, they got a gallery image. AND, her parents now have their first large family photo in their home too! <3

April 15, 2021

“AND THESE KITE PHOTOS… If I had the opportunity to take photos like this every day, my heart would be set for life. Seriously. Did your heart flutter as much as mine did seeing these photos? That authentic interaction, a parent playing with their child and having genuine, simple fun… these are perfect examples of why I love lifestyle photography more than posed photos. I enjoy capturing both styles of photos – but man. There’s just something about capturing these real moments of engagement and love. …”

August 28, 2018