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“What do you get for a grandparent who has everything? A PHOTO SESSION! Gathering extended family together to celebrate life & capturing that time with a photographer is a wonderful way to cherish the time you have together and then have photos to look back on that time fondly, forever. Framed photos & gallery images don’t take up any space in your parent’s or grandparent’s home – just that perfect spot on the wall where they’ll see your smiling faces and relive these joyful times when they see the photos each day. …”

February 3, 2020

Allow me to introduce you to Jayne, Michael, Colin, and Mary Kate! Jayne and Michael had the last-minute thought to get some photos taken while their adult children were in town over the holidays last year, and Jayne wasn’t sure she’d be able to find anyone to help them out before Colin and Mary Kate headed back home to NYC. I am so thankful that she found me on Yelp and that we got to enjoy a session together on New Year’s Eve!

February 27, 2019

“This week I got to look through all my photos from 2018, and – surprise, surprise – there was lots of joy & silliness to be found within last year’s sessions, too! You see, even though I photograph people from all different walks of life, I’ve found that my clients all tend to have one thing in common: THEY GET SILLY. WE GET SILLY. WE DON’T TAKE OURSELVES TOO SERIOUSLY. And this is basically my favorite thing. I love capturing joy for people, and it’s even more fun when they throw a funny face out there and just have a good ol’ time with the moments we share together!”

February 6, 2019