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“At several points during this year, I’ve been able to spend some time at A Place at the Table, enjoy the community they curate in their café, and capture the beauty happening all around me. I LOVE this partnership, and love all that they’re doing to make fresh, healthy meals accessible to everyone. … I was elated to offer a photography session + photo art as part of the silent auction at their fundraiser, and I also got to photograph the event – spending the evening with so many people who keep APATT
rolling day in & day out!”

November 14, 2018

“This post is all about – Gallery Images — If I had more time, I would find a way to make that a GIF with sparkly stars around it or something, because I love gallery images SO MUCH. These are like your classic canvas options BUT not quite the same. …”

July 16, 2018

Hey everyone!

We made it! As life typically goes, things have been busy between my last blog post and now, but the website is finally being launched! Hooray!

May 2, 2018