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Hey friends!

It’s announcement time!

If you saw my business announcement on social media last week, feel free to scroll to the FAQ or the content below! If you’re not on social media or if you missed the announcement, keep reading here!

Without further ado – for the first time ever in over 8 years of my photography business…

I am selecting a niche and will be specializing in photography for
new parents & families with little ones!


Maternity sessions, newborn sessions, and sessions for families with young kids (think, babies, toddlers, & preschool-aged kids) will be my specialty, and I am so excited to grow in my service to these families and capture their precious first moments together.

This fits my stage of life really well as I have my own toddler, I can relate to moms, dads, & caregivers better than I ever have been before, and I think this will be a good, sustainable place for me personally and for my business to take it to the next level and get really good at serving families really well!

To see the full details of my announcement, check out this video! It’s about 9 minutes long, but I share the heart behind my decision and you’ll get a good idea of what led me to this point. (No time for a long video? Totally get it. Scroll to the FAQ!)

FAQ — Some people have asked…

  • Are you interested in birth photography?

    • Birth photography is tricky because you have to be on call all the time – you never know when baby will arrive! It would be hard to make this a regular photo offering for the season of life that I’m in right now with my own toddler, but it’s not something I would rule out for the future!

  • Define “young kids” / Are you still doing photography for families with older kids?

    • These questions came from people with elementary school-aged kids! Yes, I still have so much fun with sessions with older kids and will be accepting these inquiries as kind of a special request! However, I will be specifically improving my craft and investing in education to improve my photography skills and client experience for families who are expecting a baby, have a newborn, or have younger kids. If we’ve already worked together before, I definitely want to keep working with you!

  • Are you still taking on wedding photography in any capacity?

    • This will be another one of those special requests – If I know you or if you come with a specific referral from someone I’ve worked with before, I will be more likely to say yes! – especially if it is a small wedding or a courthouse wedding. But, I know photographing a full wedding day is something that would take me away from what I’m trying to work toward a lot, and take me away from my family (in both pre-wedding work, the day of, and post-wedding work), so I’m considering that really carefully, and it will be a case-by-case basis.

    • This also feels like when I left teaching full-time, because I love the people who I know in the wedding industry so much and I’m really going to miss working with them! So, I hope that we can still see each other in other ways 🙂

Thank you for your continued support for my business, and as a result, my family! I am excited to keep photographing little babies and families and can’t wait to seeing where we go from here. If you have any questions, simply leave a comment or contact me here!


If you’ve got little ones or a baby on the way, let’s chat! Spring photo sessions are being booked now, and I’d love to chat about how I can help capture photos and curate photo art that help you savor these precious moments and leave a legacy of joy for your family. And – it’s just really fun to go play in a field of flowers together 🙂

Be well, & talk to you soon!

in light & love,