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Alicia & Edward – Abigail’s 5th Birthday Photos – Raleigh, NC Family Photographer

Hey everyone!

With such a doozy of a year in many ways, I think it’s more important than ever to count the ways we are thankful and be intentional about celebrating! Everything is hard, and a lot of pivoting has happened this year. A lot of pivoting still needs to happen this year – I know. Even with all of that, I hope you can find some way to experience joy in this time.

Here’s an easy way – birthdays! No matter what is going on in the world, we’re each turning a year older this year, and that should be CELEBRATED because it means we’re blessed to see another day and be with the ones we love.

Alicia & Edward
Abigail’s 5th Birthday Photos
Raleigh, NC Family Photographer

Alicia & Edward like to celebrate milestone birthdays in extra special ways, and their daughter Abigail just turned 5 years old at the end of June! We met up at a park, recreated some photos from her first birthday photoshoot, and did some exploring. You might recognize this wonderful family from their family photos last spring and their Christmas cookie lifestyle photo session! It’s been really fun seeing them often and watching the kids grow, even just in that short amount of time. They’re also building their wall of gallery images quite nicely – see more at the end of the post!

Alicia did a great job thinking ahead (just like she did for the Christmas cookie session!) and found biodegradable confetti! Finding some that was biodegradable was a necessity if we wanted to throw it in the park, and I am SO glad it all worked out! What almost-5-year-old doesn’t want to throw confetti in the air to celebrate?!

SO. MANY. SMILES. 🙂 After we had fun with the confetti, we walked around the park and did some exploring. Ethan’s still a runner like he was last spring, and it was fun getting some natural photos of the kids being kids!

And – I always make it a point to get a photo of just the parents during family sessions, too. How often do you get photos of just the two of you anymore?!

Alicia & Edward ordered several prints to enjoy and to share with family members, as well as THREE gallery images to add to their home and their gallery wall! One reason I love working with clients over & over is the fact that they get to have consistent artwork to display their memories throughout the years. This makes it easy to expand your wall displays in a cohesive way! Check out how good their gallery wall is looking! Screenshots are from Instagram 🙂



When I’m extra excited about a photo art order, I also film a video!

Thank you so much for celebrating these exciting moments well and investing in your memories, Alicia & Edward!

And thank you for joining us on the blog today! Don’t miss Samuel’s sweet 4-month session if you want to see some more cuties!

What are you celebrating this year? What’s bringing you joy? Can I count on you to support this small business while you celebrate? 🙂 I’d love to provide photos & photo art so you can enjoy these moments over and over. Contact me today to schedule your session!

I’m off to the beach for vacation next week, and I am so excited to get some solid rest. Our own little Isaac turned 11 months old TODAY, so we’ll also be thinking ahead to his 1st birthday in just one month! Stay safe & stay cool, friends.

Talk to you soon!

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