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Joyful & Silly Photos – 2019 – Raleigh Photographer

Y’all, I almost started crying.

These aren’t even sappy photos! If you could consider any of my recent blog posts sentimental, I guess it would be my 2019 Year in Review… or even Kristen & Darrin’s wedding photos… but joyful & silly photos?! Why’d I tear up?!

I am just SO darn lucky that y’all step in front of my camera and allow me to capture these moments for you. Your smiles – your laughs! That’s why my heart started singing looking through these silly photos from 2019. Each time you grinned a big, natural grin in front of my camera (or made your go-to crazy face), I got a reminder of why I do this. These moments are fleeting, and you’re allowing yourself the time to have your joy captured beautifully! Even if you think you look like a fool in the silliest photo from your gallery, I hope it also brings a smile to your face as a reminder of all the reasons you love this life you get to live. Even on the days when life is harder to love… even if there are more of those days than joyful ones… you’ll have these photos that showcase a happy day, a happy hour, or even just a happy minute – and I’m so honored to be here for it.

I put together a blog post full of joyful & silly photos from each year because I always see this trend in my clients:


I am thankful to have SO many different kinds of sessions & weddings, and it never ceases to amaze me that I’m always able to find this common thread among all the different people I get to spend time with. Y’all like to get silly and show those pearly whites. I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing your joy & silliness with me and allowing me to capture all the fun for you to look back on forever!

Enjoy this compilation of my favorite joyful & silly photos from 2019!

Joyful & Silly Photos – 2019 – Raleigh Photographer

Thank you for joining me here today to take a peek at so many joyful & silly moments from my 2019 sessions & weddings!

Have a few extra moments? Be sure to see my joyful & silly photos of 2018 (part of a series!) if you missed it last year!

I truly believe that everyone has something to celebrate this year. Whether it’s a milestone birthday (yours, your child’s, your parent’s), spending time with extended family, graduating from school, starting a new job, or appreciating the simple fact that you & your family get to enjoy this life together – or something else entirely! – you deserve beautiful photos to capture this time & hold it forever. Contact me today to chat about setting up a photo session to freeze time for a bit and have fun with your family/spouse/pet/bestie, etc.!

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Join me again next week for extended family photos with a super fun bunch, and continuing on with other sessions & weddings from November & December from there!

Happy Friday!

in light & love,