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Alicia & Edward – Lake Crabtree Family Photography – Raleigh, NC

Kelly is an amazing photographer who was both patient with my toddlers as well as talented – capturing so many of their personality traits thru her lens. It was a pleasure to work with her from start to finish and we look forward to working with her in the future!!


Hello, friends!

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you may have seen a post I made a little while ago about feeling stuck. Baby is coming, and Andrew and I will need to make adjustments in the next year or so to live lives that are more sustainable with a baby! Less work hours for him, more income for me… I don’t have the answers about how it will all work right now, but my mind has been stuck on it all day.

Looking back through the photos I’m sharing with you today and writing this post has been my way to breathe and give my mind something else – something beautiful – to focus on. I’ve loved thinking back to this session!

Alicia & Edward –
Lake Crabtree Family Photography – Raleigh, NC



Alicia and Edward wanted some updated family photos as their daughter Abigail is about to turn 4 and their son Ethan is about to turn 2… both have June birthdays, like Andrew and me! We decided to have our family session at Lake Crabtree, which we loved exploring. I love that it has lakeside views, wooded areas, and even a playground!

The best thing about this session was all the wonderful candid photos we captured. We have a few posed ones, but the majority are of the kids interacting with their parents or simply being kids. This really reflects the lives of a 1-year-old and 3-year-old, and Alicia commented about how well you can see their personalities shine through! I love it!



Ethan had a cute personality combo during our session – he was meek, curious, and giggly with his parents, and when he was on the ground, he was running all around!

Abigail played the part of photographer right alongside me at times, with a pink toy camera that was actually a cute little REAL digital camera!



It was really sweet to see Abigail and Ethan interact throughout the session. When we headed down to the dock at Lake Crabtree, they were looking out at the water together and Abigail was talking about the different mermaids she saw 😉




Now, let me preface these next photos by saying that playgrounds are not always win-win for sessions. I LOVE the photos we captured here, & the kids had a great time, but there were also some tears when we had to leave the playground to continue our session elsewhere! Maybe we’ll save the playground for the end of the session next time 😉

The “hanging” photo of Ethan cracks me up every time – he was excited to slide but was also not 100% confident about it yet! These are the moments we need to capture and remember… I’m sure soon enough he’ll be zooming down those slides like a pro!





And the kind folks who made all this possible… 🙂

Alicia & Edward got creative with their photo art order and took advantage of my new mini snapshot prints!! They ordered a bunch of mini prints for their home and to share so they would have a variety of great photos displayed from their session. It’s like a little album displayed all at once! They also got some duplicates to share – you’re welcome, friends & family!

They ordered two larger gallery images to display in their home, as well. I love how much variety they were able to include throughout their prints & gallery image choices!

Thank you so much for investing in your memories with a session, Alicia & Edward! I cannot wait to photograph y’all again soon!

Do you have little ones who won’t stay this little forever? Maybe your littles are older and off to college soon, or even visiting from out of town? Oh, I know, one of them is getting MARRIED and needs a photographer!

Whatever the occasion, I’d love to capture these moments for you. Please take a look at my pay-what-you-can photography system and then connect with me here to ask questions and book a session or wedding! Can’t wait to meet you!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for another cute family to see on the blog, don’t miss Beth & Ryan’s session at JC Raulston Arboretum! Their son Isaac was about the same age in that session as Ethan is in this session!

Thank you for joining me here today, and I hope to catch you back here with me soon!

In light & love,

in light & love,