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Oliver – Raleigh One-Year-Old Baby Photography

Hey everyone!

If you’re in Raleigh today, you’re experiencing a rainy, rainy day. If you’re in Northern VA or father north, you likely have a snow day! Wherever you are, hopefully you’re able to stay cozy in your house.

That’s the best part about in-home photo sessions – they’re not dependent on the weather! This makes them great for any time of year, and I am so thankful for that!

Oliver – Raleigh One-Year-Old Baby Photography



Maribeth and I taught at the same school last year, before I resigned to pursue photography full-time and before she went on an earlier-than-expected maternity leave. I loved meeting Oliver for the first time when Maribeth brought him by near the end of the school year, and it was so much fun seeing his fun personality and spending the morning with them for their photo session!

We took these photos on New Year’s Eve, just one week before Oliver turned one year old. It was a chilly, misty day, but like I mentioned – in-home sessions are awesome any day of the year!



We had some beautiful natural light coming in through their glass front door. Enjoy these photos and the ones that follow!!

Look at those baby blue eyes and all the smiles!!



Okay, Oliver wasn’t so sure of the camera some of the time 😉

We brought their dog Kuechly over for this photo, and Oliver put his hand on Kuechly’s nose right when I took the photo! What a patient dog and a funny memory to capture! Robert titled this one, “Kuechly, don’t look!”




Robert is the first person I’ve ever met who is a professional disc golf player. He even has a basket in their backyard! (Basket? Is it called a disc golf basket? I hope so… That’s what Google led me to believe 🙂 ) He’d wanted this photo of Oliver ever since he could sit up by himself, so I’m glad we could make it happen!



Maribeth & Robert also had a photo of Oliver from the NICU ready for this photo session. This is where he spent the first part of his little life, and it’s so special to see him as a thriving, healthy one-year-old now!





Oliver is so happy and content playing with his mom and dad 🙂



Check out his cute expressions!

Another cool thing about having in-home sessions is getting to see all the photos some people have around the house already! I noticed right away how Maribeth and Robert like to decorate their home with their memories, and I love that so so much!

They decided to order a gallery image to add to their collection of photos and decorations on their mantle. The colors of the photo even coordinate really well with their other decor! It’s perfect! In addition to the gallery image, they also ordered a set of 5 prints to display around their house. I love the photos they chose to print!!

Thank you so much, Maribeth and Robert, for inviting me in to spend time with y’all that morning and capture this time in all of your lives!

Want to see another 1-year-old? Olivia’s 1 year session was about a year ago now, which is hard to believe! Check that out, as well as her newborn and 6 month sessions!

Are you expecting? Celebrating a birthday? Graduating from high school or college, engaged & planning a wedding (or eloping), or needing professional headshots? No matter why you’re interested in photos right now, I’m so glad you are, and I’m your girl for all of it! Please don’t hesitate to contact me here to schedule your session or wedding!

Thank you for joining us here on the blog, and I’ll see you here again next week!

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