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Joyful & Silly Photos – Part 2 – Raleigh Photographer

Welcome back to my blog!

If you missed my first Joyful & Silly Photos post in October, you’re going to want to go see that one before continuing through this one. It has lots of silly photos I took in 2012 & 2013, and it also gives a great introduction to what I’m doing in this blog series!

To recap just a tiny bit, over the years I’ve noticed one thing in common between all my clients:


High school seniors, college students, brides & grooms – and yes, even babies… Even if they have nothing else in common, my clients tend to get a little silly, and I love it. It’s usually not prompted and happens just because we’re having fun.

We had SO much fun in 2014 that all the photos featured in this second installation of my Joyful & Silly series are from that year alone! Enjoy!

Joyful & Silly Photos – 2014



Family sessions and weddings alike do NOT have to be serious & put-together 🙂



Ally & Matt’s HARRY POTTER THEMED wedding made this next silly photo pretty natural for their engagement session 🙂

We all had so much fun at Kate & Lucas’ wedding!



These photos make me jealous of the people who get to see these people every day – they’re all so much fun!



I ALWAYS think of this next photo when I think about silly photos I’ve taken in the past… The Krausses were showing me their plot in a community garden, and we came across these huge sunflowers that looked just like showerheads at that point 😉

The lighting from my session with the Jones family (next) was some of the dreamiest evening light ever.



Disclaimer: Brittany was not actually a Bridezilla as pictured in the next photo – she was just having fun. 🙂 I’m SO thankful 😉

Ah, I love looking back on these photos so much!

If you want some a good excuse to be silly & capture it – I’m your girl. Don’t worry, I delete any really embarrassing or awkward photos 🙂 Contact me here to schedule a session or your wedding!

Don’t forget that every session & wedding includes photo art for your home and to share, and it gets even better with my pay-what-you-can photography structure. The generosity of some who are able to give more means captured joy for others who typically wouldn’t have access to professional photography.

As always, thank you for joining me here! Stay tuned next week for a recent courthouse wedding and more silly photos the week after that! I’m also planning on sending out my monthly newsletter soon – sign up for that here if you want (scroll to the bottom of the page)!

Happy almost Friday!

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