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Throwback Thursday – Heaven & Russell: Raleigh Maternity Photography

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my #ThrowbackThursdays blog post series! I’m catching you up on photos I’ve done in and around Raleigh since we moved here two years ago, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts throughout the summer!

Today I’m really excited to share these photos with you — 

Heaven & Russell – Raleigh Maternity Photography



These two lovely people are so near and dear to my heart. I’ve known Heaven since fifth grade, and she and Russell started dating while we were in high school. We’ve supported each other through a lot and have spent many sleepovers together eating cookie dough, making forts, and putting things that we probably shouldn’t have in bonfires that were probably bigger than they should have been.

Heaven got pregnant right as she and Russell were moving to North Carolina from Georgia, buying a house, and she was starting a new job. Talk about transitions, all at once! They handled it with grace and got to set up their nursery from the get-go.

First let me say that having one of my best friends live 10 minutes south of me is SUCH a gift. Second, if I had known when we met at 10 years old that I would be a professional photographer taking maternity photos for her and her husband one day, my mind would have been blown. Let’s be honest, my mind is still blown. I LOVE IT.



We went to Historic Oak View Park for their maternity session, and you can’t tell from Heaven & Russell’s cool personalities, but it was FEBRUARY and it was pretty darn cold!! They did such a great job keeping it together, and we did take breaks to wrap back up in coats for a few minutes at a time!



But all we really need is each other to keep us warm, right? (…Yes, but coats really help too.)



I love how Historic Oak View Park allowed us to take photos in a field and in a wooded area! 



And… one of my favorite photos from the whole session, below. Heaven is so beautiful!



Since Heaven & Russell booked me for the New Life Collection, I also took newborn photos of baby Phoebe and will be documenting her growth with 6 month and 1 year photos, as well! I loved doing this for Marissa & Jon, and am so excited to live these exciting times with Heaven & Russell as well!  

Don’t forget that each session of the New Life Collection comes with 10 prints, and you also receive a 10×10″ photo book with photos from across your baby’s first year of life after the 1 year session. That’s one less thing for you to think about as you prep a nursery and change diapers 🙂 (Or 41 less things… depending on how you look at it!) I’m already giddy about putting the photo book together for Heaven & Russell… I’ll have to wait until April, but I just know it’s going to be beautiful! We have lots of precious memories to capture between now and then! 


Have a splendid weekend, everyone, and I’ll be back on the blog Monday to share a cute little family on the BEACH! 

In light & love,

in light & love,