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What’s in a Name: “Light Creative”

Hi everyone!

This blog post is kicking off a regular blogging schedule for me, now that the school year is officially over and I’m full-time with photography! Eeeee – It’s still a little surreal and very exciting to say that. Let the hustle begin!

I wanted to share the meaning behind the name “Light Creative” with you. I tried to dream up a new, unique name for a really long time. I was Kelly Hudgins Photography when I ran my business for its first couple years in Virginia, but as I restructured and revisioned my business, I found that I wanted a name that stood out more. In addition, even though my personal values are woven all throughout my business, I wanted to separate my business identity from my personal identity. 

“Light Creative” felt perfect when I arrived to it, and here’s why!

“Light” – represents how I want to serve my clients. I want to be light-hearted, I want to keep things simple (traveling “lightly”), I want to create light, bright, & beautiful photographs that capture memories authentically, and I want to help reflect God’s light into any darkness people are experiencing. Morning light speaks to me as is streams through the blinds of my bedroom windows; it reminds me of purity, possibility, love, and simple beauty. 

“Creative” – explanations in no particular order – 
1 – I feel called to creativity. Photography is my main creative outlet and professional skill, but I would love to combine other art forms with my photography as well. This may look like hand-lettering things for photo cards, watercolor painting or crocheting things for…something…? That’s one of those things I’ll figure out later on, but “Creative” feels more authentic for me right now than “Photography” – even though photography is what we’ll still primarily be doing around here – and I’m pumped about the possibilities that lie ahead.
2 – I really love being a part of the wider community of “creatives” and think that word speaks well to my blossoming identity as an artist. 
3 – A couple years ago I was exposed to the idea of “co-creating” with God – letting something God has already dreamt up come to life through my hands. I believe that is what is happening with my business – whenever I take any photo that speaks to someone, as I offer pay-what-you-can sessions to people who may have never held a professional-quality photo of themselves or their families, when I capture moments and create prints and albums that – whenever people look at them later – they are reminded of just how much they love and treasure the people in them… this is God’s work, and I’m honored to bring these lovely creations to life. 

I’m so happy to be a creative bringing more light into the world, and I hope you agree that what you see me doing lines up with this vision. 

All the branding credits go to Anthem Craft – Jordie helped me bring my lofty vision to life and implement the ideas I had! Little known fact – the word “light” is my actual handwriting… How cool is that?!



I’m starting a blog series beginning this Thursday, because there are so many sessions from the last year or so that I’ve only shared tidbits from because I didn’t have a current blog/website – it’s time to catch up with Throwback Thursday session posts! 

Be sure to check back this Thursday and throughout the summer, and thank you as always for your support!

In light & love,

in light & love,