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Hello dear readers! 

First, I know you’re busy. Thank you for taking the time to click & read about something SUPER EXCITING in the world of Light Creative!

I’m SO excited to announce that after this school year wraps up next week, I will be pursuing my FULL-TIME photography career! This announcement has been a long time coming, and I figured I may as well add to all the excitement of June birthdays and anniversaries around here this week. 🙂 (Check out my Instagram or Facebook to see those everyday happenings!) 

I taught ESOL in a middle school for two years, Spanish in an elementary charter school for one year, and Spanish at a high school for one year. Different life circumstances caused me to hop around from school-to-school, and I am grateful to say I’ve never disliked anywhere I’ve worked. I’ve never hated going to work in the morning, and there are a lot of things about teaching that I enjoy. I especially enjoy connecting with students, forming professional relationships with them, and seeing them grow throughout the year. Hopefully you’re already seeing how well those things translate to my photography business!

When I told each of my classes that I won’t be teaching next year, I explained the above and told them that if I wanted to teach high school Spanish forever, this would be the place I’d want to do it, because the school I’m at values relationships so highly. I also told them that if I could teach them anything, I’d want them to know that they should do what makes them come alive, what they love, and what they are truly passionate about. While I enjoy teaching, I can’t describe how much LIFE I get as I encourage seniors, families, newlyweds, and others who step in front of my camera and capture this moment in their lives. I’m about to cry happy tears just thinking about it. 

Knowing that my dream is to do photography full-time, I just don’t have enough time and mental or emotional space to build up my business as I teach full-time. Truly the only way I can do the big things I feel called to do with my photography business is to decrease teaching and increase photography. I will be doing a bit of online teaching to help pay the bills (and because teaching English to Chinese kiddos online sounds fun & adorable in its own right – ask me more about VIPKID if you’re interested!) – but my side-hustle & full-time jobs will swap, and photography will finally become my focus (again, my heart is SINGING as I type that!). 

Getting camera positioning right for a VIPKID video! 🙂

I can’t describe how much I’m looking forward to making more connections with you all, capturing the most special AND the most everyday moments in your lives, and helping you display your personal photo artwork in your home. If you’re ready to connect with me for a session or to book your wedding, get in touch here!


In light & love,

in light & love,



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